Jan 25, 2012

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Demi Moore drug use and anorexia lead to seizure

Demi Moore drug use and anorexia lead to seizure

It looks like Demi Moore is not handling her divorce with Ashton Kutcher very well. She is looking sickeningly thin, and has been doing several different drugs. The un-healthy behaviour has caught up with her though, as she has had a seizure. During the night of Monday, January 23rd the star was admitted to the hospital via ambulance after falling into an epileptic seizure. It was later determined that she had been doing nitrous oxide aka “whip-its” which ended up causing the convulsions. Moore is being treated for anorexia and is now seeking help for her substance abuse. She definitely is in need of rehab; as far as I know when you have a seizure from drug use you have hit rock bottom. If she keeps this up, she will most likely die.

It is sad, as she is a great actress and seemed like a fairly upstanding person. She has definitely been through a rough ride though with Ashton Kutcher cheating on her during the weekend of their anniversary. It certainly doesn’t say much for Kutcher’s character. Kutcher and Moore got married on September 24th, 2005 after dating for two years. The couple split up on November 17th, 2011 but has yet to file for divorce. Moore has been married three times, with her earliest marriage happening in 1980 to Freddy More. She has 18 at the time and Freddy Moore was 30. She adopted his surname and has kept it since. Their marriage ended in 1984. Her second marriage and most known was with the Die Hard star Bruce Willis. Moore and Willis were married in 1987 and the couple had three daughters Scout LaRue Willis, Rumer Glenn Willis, and Tallulah Belle Willis. After seeing those names, maybe it was obvious that Demi Moore was using drugs; those poor children. Moore and Willis filed for divorce in 2000.

So, with three failed marriages and some poorly chosen children’s names it starts to become obvious what triggers could have led to Moore’s downward spiral. All kidding aside, she has had a fairly hard life despite her career as a Hollywood actress. During her childhood, her household was rather unstable and her parents divorced after a two month marriage. This meant that Moore was born after the parents were divorced. Moore’s step father Danny Guynes (who’s surname she used prior to her first marriage) had trouble keeping jobs and the family had to move their house over forty different times. In the end, her step father committed suicide in 1980, the same year she got married. Her parents were both alcoholics and reportedly had numerous domestic assault cases as they would fight each other frequently.

She just recently was in the movie Margin Call and pulled off her part perfectly. However at the premier, she is looking severly underweight. It is truly quite amazing that despite all these hardships, she was able to lead such a strong career and life in Hollywood where the cameras are constantly following you. It looks as though Kutcher cheating on her was the last straw sending her over the edge. All I can do is wish all the best for her and hope she gets the treatment / therapy that is much needed.


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